comedy program  UNTER ALLER FRAU  ! ( engl: WOMAN IS OMEN!) 


release  of the album SEQUALIZE


concept and portrait painting for the exhibition Trumps America




finish of music and story for the Operetta SEABORNE


release of the live album Operetta

 portrait painting





remittance work - horse painting - landscape painting


journey to India




 horse portraits  - oil on canvas


 release of the EP Demo




finish of the painted portraits of the Nobel Peace Price laureates Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela and

the 14th Dalai Lama


 involvement in a joint exhibition of DEUTSCHE BANK KUNSTHALLE BERLIN




 musical joint projects in the sphere of classical music (opera/Lied)




 structuring of the graphical work in the division RELIGION – POLITICS – NATURE,


 in this context return to the work on horse portraits (NATURE)


outset of the work on portraits of Nobel Peace Price laureates like Nelson Mandela, Barack Obama or the Dalai Lama


involvement in a joint exhibition of DEUTSCHE BANK KUNSTHALLE BERLIN




 finish of a first set of the Portrait-T-Shirt Collection, including recommendations of the Director of Vatican Museums and Buckingham Palace


 finish of an altar piece, in the course of the successful conclusion in the bid for an expertise of the Director of Vatican Museums




 enhancing of the graphic studies of horses for standards of animation movie with the amical help of a Californian production company




 work as a conceptional artist on social projects in the reach of football and music


within the framework of the Free International University*FIU




 development of a Portrait-T-Shirt Collection in coincidence with


notional work on questions about the understanding between the world religions in matters of peace




 artistic studies on portraits of horses and human beings with scientific backgrounds (cave paintings)




 beginning of the apprenticeship as a FN trainer in equestrian sports (competitive sports)




 public relations for Free International University*FIU




 beginning of the work on the book "the earth, the people and anything around" (working title)




 work as a liberal artist on music and painting and conceptions for social projects on base of the terms of ERWEITERTER KUNSTBEGRIFF and SOZIALE PLASTIK (Joseph Beuys)




 studies of divinity and musicology at Humboldt-University/ Berlin




 studies of fine arts at the Free International University*FIU/ Hamburg




 general qualification for university entrance




 born in Cologne/ Germany